2022 Season Annual Membership Information & One-day Practice (Non-Event) License Information:

Please see the attached documnet link about the 2022 memberships:

Before you commence your GJSMC membership, it is a requirement that you become a member of the AMA by clicking on the following link for insurance purposes: https://amaclubs.com.au/ 

Membership to AMA Clubs entitles members to participate in the sanctioned activities of the Australian Motor Association, the Australian Motorist Association, and the Australian Motorcyclist Association (the AMA), their divisions, chapters, subsidiary clubs, and affiliates, anywhere in Australia and elsewhere in the world.

$55.00 for a solo (annual)

$110.00 for a family (annual)

Once you have completed this you can then complete your Geraldton Motocross Club Membership for 2022

Geraldton Motocross Club Membership fees are as follows:

Single membership: $170

Family membership: $450

Non-Comp Division 1 50cc: (4-8yrs): $100

One day Event or Practice cost Non-members: $50

Paid by every rider for a race day event.

Track Fees: $25

Track Fees Non-Comp Junior: $15

If you would like to join our club please follow the link:



Practice/One Day Licence


Please use the below link if you are a non-member wanting to practice. (Must be in company with a key holder member of the club to practice)

$50 for Non-Member and Non-AMA license.

$30 for Non-Member but you have an AMA license