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The motocross scene has been alive and well in Geraldton since the early 1930’s, back then there was the Geraldton Scramble Club who rode the streets of Geraldton & a track in Utakarra. In the 1960’s the Geraldton Senior Motocross Club was formed, hence the name, only senior riders were permitted.

In the early 1970’s a group of parents formed the Geraldton Minibike Club for junior riders, using a track at Utakarra and soon after a track on Railway Parade, which soon changed its name the Geraldton Junior Motocross Club. In the early 1980’s, the two clubs merged to become The Geraldton Junior & Senior Motocross Club and began racing together at Wells Park.

Since then the club has continued to grow steadily, with both a strong member & spectator base, produce both junior & senior champion state level riders and successfully survive & navigate the challenges of our ever evolving sport.

After moving tracks a few times the club has set up perfectly suited grounds behind the Meru Landfill site and spent many years developing the track as well as the facilities to become one of the best set up clubs in WA, rated in the top 5 clubs in WA in 2019.

Over the years the GJSMC has hosted a number of large capacity events including State Rounds, Tri Series events and Twilight race rounds as well as our largely growing regular club race rounds and will continue to do so with a number of large scale events scheduled for the coming years.

As a typical sporting club we are run solely by volunteers and rely on the financial support of both our members & families and sponsorship, which is what allows us to continue to grow & improve our facilities.

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