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Geraldton J&S Motocross Club Presents
 Motorbikes 4 Mental Health Open Round

Moto For mental health_edited_edited.jpg

** 2022 Season Membership Information & One-day Practice (Non-Event) Licence Information **

First you must follow the link to the AMA Membership site, this is required to be able to join our club.

AMA Membership fees are as follows:

$55.00 for a solo (annual)

$110.00 for a family (annual)

Once you have completed this you can then complete your Geraldton Motocross Club Membership for 2022

Geraldton Motocross Club Membership fees are as follows:

Single membership: $170

Family membership: $450

Non-Comp Division 1 50cc: (4-8yrs): $100

One day Event or Practice cost Non-members: $50

Paid by every rider for a race day event.

Track Fees: $25

Track Fees Non-Comp Junior: $15

If you would like to join our club please follow the link:

Please use the below link if you are a non-member wanting to practice. (Must be in company with a key holder member of the club to practice)

$50 for Non-Member and Non-AMA license.

$30 for Non-Member but you have an AMA license

FREE For Club & AMA members (Must have both current)

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